Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CR.NET remove unwanted decimal places .00

totext({vwSubOTOverdueAcceptance.LOOAcceptanceDaysWarning} ,0,"")

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Create totals row in Report Builder SSRS

Totals row on Report builder SSRS

Select the field you want totals to be displayed on

On the Edit menu, click Show Subtotal

Records need to be in relation for this to work.

SSRS - setting up user areas so that one user can't see other users reports

Setup different user accounts on the Domain

Setup user accounts in SSRS as Report builder, My Reports roles

Each user has his own My Reports area where files saved are only visible to the user who saved them there

Restart SQL Server

How to delete TFS 2008 project Team Foundation Server project delete

Run this:

cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common\IDETfsDeleteProject /server:SERVERNAME PROJECTNAME

SERVERNAME - Server Name
PROJECTNAME - Project Name

Monday, April 07, 2008

TFS Workgroup Edition user access

How to: Add Users for Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition
You can get Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition with Team System client products that are licensed with MSDN Premium Subscriptions. The functionality of the Workgroup Edition is identical to that of Team Foundation Server, Standard Edition except that the number of users is limited to five.

Special Group Membership for Workgroup Edition

After you install Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition, you must add users to Team Foundation Licensed Users security group in order for them to connect to the server.

This security group is a server-level group specific to the Workgroup Edition. This group is created during installation of the Workgroup Edition, but not the Trial Edition or the Standard Edition. The user account used during installation is added to the group by default. You can add up to four additional users to this group manually.

This group controls connection to the server only. It does not control access to creating projects or working within projects. Additional security groups control access to the server's functionality.

To add users to the Team Foundation Licensed Users group
Log on as a Team Foundation Administrator, open Team Explorer, and connect to the Team Foundation Serverfor which you are adding a user.
From the Team menu, click Team Foundation Server Settings, and then click Group Membership.
In the Global Groups dialog box, click Team Foundation Licensed Users and then click Properties.
In the Team Foundation Server Group properties dialog box, click Windows User or Group, and then click Add.
In the Select Users or Groups dialog box, type the user accounts you want to add, and then click Add. Note You can add individual user accounts but not a group account.
Click Close.
Other Team Foundation Server Roles and Membership

To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Team Foundation Administrators security group.

All Team Foundation Server editions require users to be members of a Team Foundation Server group at the project level or server level. The level and group depend on the functionality you want to enable for the user. For example, if you want to allow a user to create a Team Project, the user must be a member of the Team Foundation Server Administrators security group, must be assigned to the role of Content Manager in SQL Server Reporting Services, and must be assigned to the role of Administrator for Windows SharePoint Services. However, the user does not need to be a member of the local administrator group on the computer. For more information about users and roles, see the topic “Team Foundation Server Permissions” in the Team Foundation Server Administrator’s Guide.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Setting up user to see Report Builder in SSRS - can't see Report Builder in SSRS

Setting up new user in SSRS to be able to see the Report Builder link

Need to setup in two places:

Edit Role Assignment

1. Properties
2. click edit next to user
3. Add Report builder role

Site Wide Security

1. site settings
2. configure site wide security
3. new role assignment
4. fill in username and check System User role
5. ok

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Setting up new user for SSRS

To setup new user in SSRS:

1. setup new domain account
2. login to SSRS (http://localhost/Reports$mssql2005) using domain admin account
3. click properties --> New Role Assignment --> New Role
4. fill in Name, Decs and tick required Task boxes --> OK
5. click home --> Properties --> New Role Assignment
6. enter domain username
7. tick the box in front of NewTestRole
8. click OK
9. navigate to properties and check user is assigned to the role
10. log out
11. log in as new domain account