Tuesday, August 22, 2006

T-Mobile Provider and Customer Services HELL

Just wanted to let everyone know about T-Mobile and what a shitty company they are. I have canceled my contract with O2 that I was satisfied with but got a better new customer contract with cashback and all with T-Mobile. I have also transfered my number to them which was the biggest mistake ever.
First few weeks I was not making many phone calls but when I wanted to make one I would ussualy get NETWORK BUSY message or I would go straight to the voicemail of the person I was calling and it would never ring his phone.
The signal with T-Mobile in Northern Ireland is just terrible there is no other word for it sometimes you get one bar sometimes two max i ever got was 4 and scale of my phone has about 8 bars.
A part from not having any signal and network busy, sometimes when I have the luck of making a call it always gets cut after up to 3 minutes and I can hear the three sounds beep-beeep-beeeep and that's the end of the call.
So I have tried to complain and I told them that I want them to give me my PAK code so I can port my number and leave. They said there is a 200 GBP disconnection fee!!! I said to them that they are not delivering the service. The girl would not do anything for me at all would not even put me thru to her supervisor however I have insisted on this 3 times. She gave me an address for complaints so I have written there.
After about 2 weeks I got a phone call from them saying that if it happens again I have to ring them and report it so that they can trace it. And they have lured me into a one month free line rental. Obviously it keeps on happening and I rang them and have two occasions of this logged on to my account. Noone contacted me since so I have written them another letter. Stating that I require them cancel the contract and give me my number as they have failed to deliver the service I am paying for.
After this they took the position of a dead bug - No response from them at all.
Now I have changed jobs and at this new place where I work in Antrim, Northern Ireland there is no signal whatsoever with T-Mobile. However O2 Orange and Vodafone do have at least 4 bars...
So I have written my dearest provider a third letter stating this and how they did not respond to my two letters in a proper way. Now I have only send it this morning so I would have to wait and see.
I am really frustrated the mobile is no use to me I cant use it at all for at least 8 hours every working day that I am at work 9AM - 5PM and they wont let me leave cos I am in a 12 month contract.
Did anyone faced something similar? What should I do with them? any suggestions anyone?

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